Sri Bhaktha Kolahalan Nama Sangeerthana Sabha

Our Sathguru Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj, fondly called as "Sri Sri Anna" was born in Sanganallur, a small village in Tamil Nadu, India. Right from his early days he was a severe practioner of Yoga Sadhanas. This Saint wanted to prove the world that the easiest way to attain the lotus feet of the Lord is the path of Bhakthi. He revered "Sri Bhagavan Nama Bodendral" as his Manasika Guru. He took to Srimad Bhagavatham as his pramana grantha. He founded a glorious sampradaya called Premika Sampradaya.

Sri Bhaktha Kolahala Krishnan is his Upasana
deity. Sri Sri Anna built a wonderful temple for SriKolahalan in Paranur a small village near Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. 

We a group of families in and around North
Wales, PA, USA (Philadelphia suburbs) are ardent devotees of our Sathguru Paranur Mahatma Sri Sri Anna.  We formed our Sathsangh group, Sri Baktha Kolahalan Nama Sangeerthana Sabha in January 2007.

We are conducting "Rama Nama Writing Yagnam" for world peace and prosperity